Saturday, 1 October 2011

Problems with Kindle

Well, I don't know whether to be over the moon, or furious. I'll probably just remain where I am - stuck between two stools. Don't worry - I will go back to telling you all about Ermine Stone and the Iron Spider in the next post.

I'm over the moon because my latest book - The Quiz Show Quiz Book - has definitely sold a copy today. It sold through my own web store, and the money is safely within my bank account - sorry to be mercenary about the whole business, but its one of the reasons why we're in the game in the first place.

What I'm annoyed about is this. I advertised the book through "Life After Mastermind", and I don't mind admitting it was not without some soul searching that first. I always said that blog wasn't going to be used for commercial purposes. Only , it being a quiz blog, and me having written a quiz book - well, you can see where I'm driving at, can't you ? My first ever book, Be A Quiz Winner I certainly didn't advertise within the blog, and even so its sold a few copies each month. Well and good. So I thought that even though I wouldn't expect every reader of the blog to buy it, surely there would be at least a few of the hundreds of people who read it every week who'd want to give it a try.

Well, according to Amazon I haven't sold one. Nor have I sold any other books for about 8 days. Which I know is complete codswallop. Ah, but how do I know this ? Well, I decided to put it to the test. I bought The Quiz Show Quiz Book myself, to test whether it would appear in my sales figures.

No. It didn't. Or at least it hasn't yet.

Amazon - come on. We have no other way of knowing how well our books are selling, and so there's no way we can tell if you're giving us accurate information about sales. So please - a few sales here or there might not make a hell of a lot of difference to you, but they sure as hell do to me. Get your flipping act together.

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